Thursday, October 28, 2004

On a Sad Note

As I watched the comeback against the Yankees I reminisced some about other Red Sox fans that I know.

I didn't grow up in a house that revolved around sports. Dad was a transplant to New England. As a transplant to Ohio I fully understand not pledging allegiance to the local teams.

I have three uncles that are big fans. Cousins Ron and Darren. I thought of these people but it was a fifth grade teacher that came to mind. She was the one that I remember as my first experience with "fan". It may of helped that I really enjoyed her as a teacher. Her oldest daughter was in my class so there was some connection there was well. We were both Capricorns, this didn't mean anything to me but it was a point we had in common. She helped me begin my enjoyment for Social Studies that has now become my obsession with history. She was a Red Sox Fan. I remember trips down to her class room during the 86 series.

She was who I thought of during the Yankee series. Her husband had passed away, suddenally this August. I assumed that it was a hard fall.

I didn't realize how hard. While I was celebrating a 2-0 lead in the World Series, I got an email from Mum. Mrs Gricus had died on Monday. It's sounds as though she died of Grief.

Becca and Justin losing both their parents in 2 months. The heartache of sports doesn't compare to that.

Becca, I hope you can connect with your students like your mother did.


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