Monday, October 25, 2004

Presidential Elections

I'd like to know how much money is spent on presidential elections.
It's easy to find the numbers spent by the candidates and parties.
How much has been spent by Conservative organizations. Focus on the
Family, Eagle Forum, etc. This is a little harder to determine.
Normally this money is spend deriving voter cards and issue orientated
information drives.

I would love to have half of this money to spend at congressional
primaries. What a difference could be made if we turned over the
House of Represenaves!!

During the following days, weeks and months you will get lots of
'political' views and opinions (read truth) of mine.

Getting into the game late, but most of my opinions and thoughts are
not wrapped around a canadiate or race. I could post my thoughts from
the fall of 2000 and they would be just as relevant today as then.


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