Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stale as a box of Cheese-Its left . . . .

in the garage since the last camping trip. That is how I would describe this blog. I had lots of intentions for the summer but then work came along and I found that I wasn't even home this summer.

I spent most of the summer in the Delaware Ohio area working at a Datacenter. That job is coming to and end and I am beginning to start on another data center in Chicago. I think this one will be better. Enough work talk.

We are headed out with some friends for some camping fun this Labor Day weekend. We are headed to Maumee Bay State Park. I have heard that this is a nice park. It is located just East of Toledo on Lake Erie. I am looking forward to a lack of rain and semi cool nights.

Speaking of rain. Wow did we get some in Ohio last week. Bluffton was flooded out on Tuesday, Findlay crested on Thursday and Ottawa crested on Friday. Severe flooding in all areas. Findlay is calling it the highest flood in history. Ottawa will top out as the second highest. I am not sure what will be said about Bluffton as there aren't a lot of records for our little creek. It is surmised that Bluffton was saved because a dyke around some stone quaries, outside of town, collapsed and filled up with water.

Well I think that will do for now since I suspect there are no more people left reading this blog.


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